Coming soon – DCAMCUT 8.4

It is nearly time. We are already looking forward to presenting you our new DCAMCUT version with many new interesting functions to make your work with DCAMCUT even easier! As always, we attach great importance to the highest quality. Therefore there is still a lot to be done before the official release at the end of June when our DCAMCUT version 8.4 will finally be ready for you.

We moved!

Wait! You moved?

   Yes! We moved
   on 01.July 2016!

Where are you now? 

   The new adress is:
   Potsdamer Straße 12B,
   14513 Teltow, Germany

Is there anythiing else new?

   Of course! We  have a new telephonenumber! From 01.July you can reach us with ++49-089-81803-1501!

Support and Maintanance Contract

This entitles you to free version upgrades, whenever a new version is released. With these updates and version upgrades you will always be on the latest technological level due to our steadily continuing development. As we always strive to improve our products in your interest, this could be the advantage you need to put you one step ahead of your competitors and lets you continue to be a successful player in the market.

In addition to that, the support and maintenance contract gives you the opportunity to always contact us directly whenever you run into difficulties with the application of our product. We will provide you with advice and support so that you can successfully finish your tasks and projects.