New Version 8.5 of DCAMCUT

New product upgrades and product enhancements


As of 01.01.2019, a new product upgrade and product enhancements are available for our product DCAMCUT as part of the new release, Version 8.5.

DCAMCUT Standard

will completely replace the previous expansion stage Basic +. This is to better bring forth the technological advantages of our product DCAMCUT and to offer an attractive entry-level solution in the lower price segment going forward.

DCAMCUT Expert Solo

- our high-end product for the highest quality standards - will be enhanced in terms of functionality, in order to better meet the highly complex manufacturing requirements of tomorrow.

The most important changes in detail:

  • As standard, in addition to semi-automatic feature recognition, the new product expansion stage DCAMCUT Standard includes material removal simulation for testing and simulating all programming steps.
  • DCAMCUT Solo Expert, in addition to all clearing strategies in the 4-axis segment, automatically includes the packet EDMCAD III (SolidWorks OEM) for the production of single parts, assemblies and drawing derivatives going forward.
  • In the future, there will be no optional additional functions that can be added to the individual product upgrades at a charge. For DCAMCUT 8.5 and higher, you can only move to the next version of the product up. (e.g. Standard to Professional or Professional to Expert).

Further details can be found in the overview of product upgrade levels.

As DCAMCUT has been continuously updated in the past with additional features, which are now part of the standard scope of the Professional and Expert upgrades, price adjustments were also implemented.

Please send your pricing queries to

The adjustments affect both the individual product prices as well as the respective maintenance amounts, and refer exclusively to new product sales. Existing maintenance contracts (without time limits) are not affected by the price changes and continue as normal. For time-limited maintenance, the new maintenance prices apply if the term is extended (does not apply to Basic +).




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