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Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH develops, plans and manufactures reliably with DCAMCUT

When Boris Müller, Managing Director of Friedrich Erodierservice in Großostheim near Aschaffenburg in Bavaria, was looking for software for EDM and in particular also with multi-axis technology, he discovered DCAMCUT. Müller finds the program to be without alternative: "During my inquiry, I quickly noticed that the DCAM employees really have a clue about it and are always ready to respond precisely to customer requests." Since then, DCAMCUT has been part of the production process at Friedrich Erodierservice: "With DCAM, I don't just have a software, but a solution," says Müller.
"I have always eroded," says Müller. The 36-year-old came into contact with the process in his childhood through his father, who worked as an application engineer at Sodick. After training as an industrial mechanic and then as a mechanical engineer, Müller took over his father's company, which can be considered a specialist in the field of wire and die-sinking EDM. In addition to the secretary and Müller himself, three other EDM operators work in the company. Müller lives his profession with enthusiasm: "When I take a finished component in my hand and the cut is good, everything is true to size and when I measure it, it fits on the µ, then there is hardly anything more beautiful. That's what I live for, that's what excites me."
Highest precision through erosive grinding
"Erosive grinding at the highest level is our specialty," says Müller. This form of wire EDM uses a rotary axis in an endless rotation to produce precise components - without the disadvantage of acting lateral forces. "We have a tolerance of between 1 and 2 µm," Müller elaborates. "Achieving such accuracy with conventional abrasive processes is impossible." One of the smallest components manufactured at Müllertechnik is a 1-mm-diameter ball on a 50-µm-diameter core. "By now, we could probably manage 20," Müller is certain. But erosive grinding is not only suitable for workpieces in the micro range: The contour of large components can also be produced more efficiently and precisely by EDM than in other processes. "We cut flat ejector guides into a mold insert for a truck fan wheel that, at 700 x 500 mm, just fit into the machine. Because it weighed around 500 kg, we needed a lift truck," Müller recalls. The longest machine runtime was just under 100 hours for a mold plate with about three hundred apertures. For Müller, such elaborate manufacturing processes or complex geometries are not a criterion for ruling out an order, quite the opposite: "I want to try out everything there is to be able to offer my customers everything there is." This requires not only that three of the seven wire EDM machines are equipped with additional axes for special machining, but also that the DCAM software is used to plan and execute the machining processes.

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DCAMCUT is made by technicians for technicians. "And the service is first class," confirms Müller. "There's always someone available and I can count on getting help - even with problems that DCAM has nothing to do with, such as design questions about SolidWorks...".



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Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH


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Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH in the DCAM user report

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH develops, plans and manufactures reliably with DCAMCUT

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