Consulting expertise and industry knowledge for your success

Pressure to meet deadlines, increasingly complex products, rising price pressure and increasing shortage of skilled workers present companies with new challenges today.

Many question whether they are ready to meet future requirements and many seek to secure the efficiency and competitiveness of their company going forward. However, there is often a lack of time and resources to critically examine and improve one's own processes. This is precisely where Tebis Consulting of parent company DCAM GmbH steps in. Because Tebis offers production-oriented consulting and in-depth answers to questions of competitiveness and sustainability of SMEs in the sectors of tool and mold making, machinery and plant construction, extrusion tool and prototype construction.

Contact us and we at DCAM, with our expertise in wire cutting, examine your objectives, analyze processes, workflows, hardware and software with you ......... and support you on your journey with Tebis.



ME Workshop with DCAMCUT


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05/03/2019 Stay abreast of the latest news on DCAMCUT products automatically with this feed.

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A DCAM article in Mitsubishi Electric’s Profile magazine, published on 02/2018


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DCAMCUT Advanced training

Deepen, refresh or even broaden your course with prior knowledge in DCAMCUT .

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Success story

Lüntech user report

A specialist in eroded microcomponents was looking for a powerful NC programming system for wire erosion. They found what they were looking for with DCAMCUT and managed to cut programming costs by 60% to 70%. This increased…

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