Multi-axis Module IV

With our multi-axis module IV, free-form wire EDM with guide curve is now additionally available to you. Test it. Read more


DCAMCUT 9.0 - To speed up work processes starts with the mouse movement! Short movements, focused information, clear symbols in the Feature Manager. New functions for multiaxis EDM, slant threading or simultaneous EDM with single-axis rotary indexing table plus u/v axis.... Read more

This is Mr. Koch.

Mr. Koch runs a company with Wire-EDM machines. Recently he has been really satisfied again.... Read more


is the leading developer and manufacturer of CAD CAM programming systems for wire EDM. With DCAMCUT, we provide you with software that is easy and quick to program even for complex workpieces, ensures maximum process security and permits unsupervised machining over long periods. Read more

Success stories

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH in the DCAM user report

DCAMCUT is made by technicians for technicians.…

A user report from eropräzisa to also follow soon

Dimensional stability and accuracy thanks to…

Lüntech user report

A wire eroding machine is used in the production…


NEW and coming soon

09/09/2021 DCAM Training Center, now equipped with a Mitsubishi MP2400 and MA2-100 rotary/swivel axis from ITS for scheduled…

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Healthy Christmas

12/17/2020 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

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ME Workshop with DCAMCUT


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DCAMCUT Solo basic course

The five-day course “DCAMCUT Solo with EDMCAD (SolidWorks)” is recommended for users who are new to the DCAMCUT program. In case of prior knowledge of SolidWorks, the course only lasts four days.

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Success story

Lüntech user report

A specialist in eroded microcomponents was looking for a powerful NC programming system for wire erosion. They found what they were looking for with DCAMCUT and managed to cut programming costs by 60% to 70%. This increased…

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