Explore, learn and utilize the potential of DCAMCUT

DCAMCUT with great functional potential - the training center is the place to learn or train.

In our practice-oriented CAD, CAM, update and individual training, we present all the functions of the software and their extensions. We will show you how to optimize your options using our software in your company. Your employees learn to integrate the various functions into their processes, to use them effectively and thus to increase the efficiency of their processes and production.

Our training center has 8 stations with VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) training computers. With a Mitsubishi MV 1200R and a rotary/swivel axis MA2-100 from ITS, in Teltow we provide practical relevance to our products and a fully functioning erosion unit in action.

The 5-day course Basic Course DCAMCUT Solo

5-day course "DCAMCUT Solo with EDMCAD (SolidWorks)" is recommended for users who are new to the DCAMCUT program.
Only 3 days if you have prior knowledge of SolidWorks.


Basic Course DCAMCUT for SolidWorks / Inventor

The "DCAMCUT for SolidWorks" course is recommended for users who already have SolidWorks / Inventor CAD skills but are new to the DCAMCUT program.


Basic Course EDMCAD

A course for those who already have previous experience with DCAMCUT and would like to learn, deepen, refresh or extend their knowledge of the CAD part of the software.


DCAMCUT individual training

Book our course center for your individual training on DCAMCUT.


DCAMCUT on-site training

Train your specialists directly on-site at your premises. We’ll come to you!


DCAMCUT Advanced Course

Training with previous experience with DCAMCUT - deepen, refresh and even extend your knowledge.


ME Workshop with DCAMCUT


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RSS feed

05/03/2019 Stay abreast of the latest news on DCAMCUT products automatically with this feed.

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A DCAM article in Mitsubishi Electric’s Profile magazine, published on 02/2018


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DCAMCUT Advanced training

Deepen, refresh or even broaden your course with prior knowledge in DCAMCUT .

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Success story

Lüntech user report

A specialist in eroded microcomponents was looking for a powerful NC programming system for wire erosion. They found what they were looking for with DCAMCUT and managed to cut programming costs by 60% to 70%. This increased…

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