EDM software at the highest level

Well-structured coding process, more efficient and ergonomic in all respects. User optimized and faster due to less movements of the mouse and head :) Technologically innovatively enhanced and modernized to the latest standards. The release of the new version DCAMCUT 9.0 turns the process of creating the NC program almost into a trivial matter.

Wire EDM with DCAMCUT enables the production of precision parts with the highest geometry complexity and surface quality as well as the smallest corner radii, primarily in tool and mold making, medical technology and aerospace engineering. DCAMCUT is increasingly used in all industries where high strength and hard materials are processed.




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Whether highly complex 4-axis clearing or multi-axis eroding: Specializing in wire EDM software for over three decades, we know all the technical innovations and are constantly adapting our software.

DCAMCUT is synonymous with the wire EDM process based on native surface information directly from 3D CAD systems.

          - zero tolerance - 100% time savings

NC processor technology that checks your programming steps before outputting the control code.

          - 100% safety - zero troubleshooting

NC browser, which simultaneously displays the control code for programming.

          Transparent editing structure - 100% overview              

Removal simulation including demolding analysis to visualize the programs created.

          - 100% control - no unexpected defective parts


NEW and coming soon

09/09/2021 DCAM Training Center, now equipped with a Mitsubishi MP2400 and MA2-100 rotary/swivel axis from ITS for scheduled…

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Healthy Christmas

12/17/2020 We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year.

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ME Workshop with DCAMCUT


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DCAMCUT Solo basic course

The five-day course “DCAMCUT Solo with EDMCAD (SolidWorks)” is recommended for users who are new to the DCAMCUT program. In case of prior knowledge of SolidWorks, the course only lasts four days.

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Success story

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH in the DCAM user report

Friedrich Erodierservice GmbH develops, plans and manufactures reliably with DCAMCUT

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