Release Note 9.0.21978


> 2-axis contour definition has been extended
> Defined start point - with predefined start hole geometry
> Automatic start point detection
>TAB or Shift-TAB navigation
> Contour definition' dialog
> New filters
> Automation - One-Click-NC
> Inventor 2026
>Mitsubishi 64 Bit: Additional parameter

2-axis contour definition has been extended

A new feature is that open and closed contours can be defined simultaneously using the 'Open contour' checkbox.

1.        1st option: tick = only defines open contours

2.       2nd option (new): Click checkbox a second time = defines closed and open contours simultaneously

3.       3rd option: Click the checkbox a third time = the field is deactivated again

Defined start point - with predefined start hole geometry

The start hole sketch no longer needs to be selected - if one exists, it is automatically recognized after confirmation with OK/Apply. Another new feature here, as with automatic start point detection, is that the start point properties, such as diameter, wire position, etc., can be specified directly.

Automatic start point detection

The 'Automatic start point detection' of the 'Settings' dialog is now located in the 'Contour definition' dialog. Existing start point sketches are recognized automatically. Another new feature is that the start point properties, such as diameter, wire position, etc., can be specified directly

TAB or Shift-TAB navigation

When using TAB or Shift-TAB in a dialog, you can simply navigate between editing fields and drop-down fields. All other controls in the dialog are skipped.

'Contour definition' dialog

New: The program/contour types are offered according to the CAD model.

New filters

- Color and name filters now also for the raw part data                                                                              

- Color and name filters now also for events

Automation - One-Click-NC

This module is now available with an additional license.

Ask our sales department or klick here and leave a message.


Define your reoccuring EDM tasks completely in automation templates by combining geometric properties or colors and names of your CAD model with technological properties of DCAMCUT.

DCAMCUT guides you step by step through the process of defining your automation template.

Once created and activated, simply press the NC browser button after opening files that match your automation template. The NC program is written automatically. Contour definition, start point definition, assignment of contour properties, job definition, setting of header data - all this is no longer necessary.

Inventor 2026

Inventor 2025 is also supported within this release

Mitsubishi 64 Bit:

Additional parameter "extended" to control the output of the rethreading point.



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