Five-day principle course DCAMCUT Solo with EDMCAD (SolidWorks)

The five-day course “DCAMCUT Solo with EDMCAD (SolidWorks)” is recommended for users who are new to the DCAMCUT program.
In case of prior knowledge of SolidWorks, the course only lasts four days.

The principle course DCAMCUT Solo based on SolidWorks OEM pertains to the following contents:

the principle course DCAMCUT Solo lasts five days; in case of prior knowledge of SolidWorks, it lasts three days.

Day 1

  • Principles of EDMCAD (SolidWorks)
  • Explanation of the user interface
  • Principles of sketching based on examples with detailed design guidelines
  • Principles of modeling based on examples with detailed design guidelines
  • Installation guidelines for the DCAMCUT software (joint installation if necessary)

Day 2

  • Deepen the learned techniques by creating more sophisticated models with fewer design guidelines
  • Creating levels
  • Creating a user-defined coordinate system
  • Insight into creating modules

Day 3

  • Introduction to DCAMCUT
  • Explanation of the erosion-specific buttons in the user interface
  • Program creation for 2D designs
  • Explanation of the 2D-specific functions

Day 4

  • Program creation for 3D models
  • Explanation of the 3D-specific functions

Day 5

  • Application examples for special functions e.g. transformation, statistics, action points
  • Template creation
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