DCAMCUT extensions for optimum surface and volume models

The DCAMCUT extensions for the design area allow you to:

  • create, add or modify accurate models
  • perform industry-specific special tasks with just a few mouse clicks
  • create optimum surfaces thanks to manual and automatic repair and optimization functions
  • create practical and flexible designs thanks to robust and easy-to-learn functions
  • and generate safe area models for NC programming simply and quickly.

Decide which of our EDMCAD upgrades (SolidWorks-based CAD core from DCAMCUT SOLO) best meets your design requirements in preparation for the erosion process.

Own designs for surface and solid models as well as drawing derivations

  • The EDMCAD CAD environment allows you to sketch designs of surface and solid models, including dimensioning and parametrics.
  • Convenient design features ensure easy and fast work.
  • The design options for individual parts up to complete assemblies and drawing derivations are almost unlimited.
  • The models are generated directly from the underlying sketches.
  • The design history is also extremely helpful, where all design steps can be traced and changed if necessary.
  • Furthermore, you can create drawing derivations from the 3D models created in this way for use in production.

Solo Standard offers:

  • EDMCAD I - feature for creating parts

Solo Professional offers::

  • EDMCAD II - function for creating single parts & assemblies

Solo Expert offers:

  • EDMCAD III - function for creating single parts, assemblies & drawings


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